Fans in the Stands

Now that our high school season is over, we watch A LOT baseball on television.  Well, my man watches the baseball and I watch the stands.  Last night my friend and her family went to the game and for 3 hours I sat just searching for her in the stands.  I had no idea what the score was or what inning we were in or what jersey the Rangers were wearing.  Nothing.   But I do know what a lot of people were doing in the stands.

When I say watch the stands, I mean study them, I get involved with the people and even makeup life stories to go with each person I watch.  Seriously?  You don’t do that?  Does that make me crazy?


Well, I wanted to let you know about a few people I saw last night.

The guy with the green shirt on:  Why are you at a Ranger’s game sitting right behind the dugout without a Rangers shirt on?  Dude, you could have at least put on blue or red, or, heck, I would have taken white at this point.  Then the made-up story started.  Oh, you are are in town for a business conference?  Your boss asked if you wanted to go to the game with him and you had to wear what you had in your suitcase.  You are trying to make a good impression because your wife is expecting twins and you need a raise.  Okay, I’m sorry I judged you.

Lady with constant praying hands:  Lady,  I have prayed to the baseball gods many times.  I have asked for a hit, a catch and a strike.  But I’ve never prayed for three innings straight.  Are you okay?  Is something else going on?  Even the man sitting next to you seems to be a little worried.  You know what, I’m just going to pray for you.  My God is bigger than the baseball gods.

8-year-old sitting in the fancy seats:  Somehow I have seen the bottom of your shoes, the back of your leg and your red shirt.  I watched you eat a hotdog, ice cream, and soda.  Your dad is out of view except for his hand that I have seen many times on your seat, leg, and picking up things in front of you.  Little Dude, you wasted your parent’s money tonight.  I know they only brought you along because…well they couldn’t leave an 8-year-old at home alone.  (All parents learned that from a movie from 1990.)

New Mommy with the baby in a Baby Bjorn:  I first applaud you for being able to figure out how to put that baby sling on.  I never could.  Second, great job choosing a game that is not 124 degrees and at 2:00 in the afternoon.  You didn’t plan on coming, did you?  You honestly just wanted to get out of the house.  You didn’t even know who was playing.  It’s okay.  I’m glad you are out of the house.  Keep loving that baby.

Man with hand in the air:  I see you.  You are proud of your team.  You also may have had too many drinks.  You don’t need to fist pump every time the Rangers throw a strike.  You don’t need to high five the guy behind you every time we get an out.  I’m starting to worry about your health and personal hygiene.  Did you stretch before coming into the park?  Did you apply a high-quality deodorant?  You are actually now making the people around you very uncomfortable.  They won’t tell you, but I will…STOP IT.  Stop it now.

amberI’ve looked for three hours for my friend.  She’s there but I never spotted her.  She sent me this picture and of course, all I saw was the player dabbing in the background.  I may need to help y’all.

I’ve got to go though.  I’ve got a lot of people to pray for.  Go Rangers!!

Mrs. Bush, Plastic Pearls and Jesus

Mrs. Bush had flair.

She was funny,


and resilient.

She wore plastic pearls to inaugural balls and didn’t care what you thought about it.

She loved the color blue and always remembered what was important; her family, her Jesus, and baseball.  

I’ve been sitting here for the last hour crying ugly tears.  Not because I am sad, but because I was so honored to watch the end one of America’s longest running love stories.

73 years of loving each other

6 children

17 grandchildren

7 Great grandchildren

A marriage not just for show, not for some political purpose, but for love, everlasting love.

Mrs. Bush demanded excellence from her children and grandchildren:  

Sit up straight

Look people in the eye

Say please and thank you

Do your homework

Don’t complain

Serve others

Love your neighbors

Don’t take life too serious

Laugh often

Cheer for the home team

Take care of your family


Love your God with all of your heart and soul

But the one thing she taught me was …

Stand by your man.

Even in the end, Mrs. Bush was being an example to all of us. Two days before she died, after having a hard day, she went up to rest for the night.  When the priest went up to check and pray with her, she let him know that she wasn’t expiring today and to go back down and tell Mr. Bush that she thought he was so handsome.  

Mrs. Bush had every detail of her final public appearance planned.

Grandchildren would sit together.  Grand spouses behind them. Granddaughters would enter first and would wait for each other to be seated. She let them all know they could wear black or blue but she would prefer no brown.   

Her children, too, would sit together in specific order.  George W would be in charge of President George HW Bush, her man.  Her only daughter would sit to the right of her husband during the service.  Jeb would talk for the family because let’s face it, George W would be too emotional or silly or flat out inappropriate.  

She had planned the songs,

the scriptures,

and who would speak.  

Her body would enter the church behind a cross, Texas Flag, and USA flag…in that order.  (Just a reminder to rest of the world how she felt about her state!)

Her bodyguard would walk in front of her for the first time. (Not going to lie, I was weeping at this point.  I can’t imagine the love and admiration he must have for her.)

Her grandsons would escort her body in and leave her body beside her man.  Once again, even in death, she reminded me to stand by my man. (Enter the sobbing at this point.)

And then, the service was a light, full of family, love, laughter, and Jesus.  It had granddaughters reading scriptures, grandsons straightening President Bush’s hair, and everyone and everything put together; simple and practical…just like Mrs. Bush.

Her legacy will live through her vision for ALL to have the gift of literacy.  She not only focused her attention on the young but worked with the older generation giving them a second chance at learning to read and write.  She imagined a world where everyone could read their children a bedtime story.

And just like any good book, Mrs. Bush left us smiling, continuing to think about her and wishing for a few more pages.  

On April 17th, as President George HW was sitting holding her hand, the lights went out in Houston and Mrs. Bush took her final breath.   Ironic? I think not. I have a feeling God was letting us all know that He was welcoming His good and faithful servant for a race well run.  

And Mrs. Bush, well, she was letting her family know that she would always be watching and to stay together.  

Thank you for your example in life and death Mrs. Bush.  I’m headed to go sit by my man for a while in your honor.  


It’s going to be amazing!


April Showers, May Flowers and 40 MPH winds

Earth Laughs in Flowers

Today is Flower Day.  Flower Day is one of my favorite days of the year.  

It’s the day I get up early,  run to up to the baseball field for flower delivery, pick out my beautiful, colorful sweeties, hustle back home, grab my gloves and shovel  and get to enjoy

the beautiful sun

and dirt under my nails

and the smell of outside

and flowers blooming

and …Nope, not today.


You see, in our family, the weather changes EVERYTHING.


It’s 35 degrees today.  The wind is gusting 30-60 MPH.  We had an inch and half of rain yesterday in 45 minutes. So games have been rescheduled and plans have been changed.

No flowers will be planted today. (Heck, I have them in the house next to the fire place.)  

flowers by fireplace

For 26 years, I’ve cheered for my favorite team.

Rain, sleet, snow, 104 temperatures, 40 MPH wind…I’ve been there.  

I’ve watched some years with the hope that it would never end and then others, well, I wish would just quietly ride off into the sunset, never to be seen again.   

Just like those flowers blooming next to my fireplace, this season has struggled to make it out of the cold some weeks.  Some weeks everything has fallen into place. Others, well, let’s just say the sounds of the circus have floated around in my head.  

But it’s funny how a flat of flowers can remind you of what is important.


So today, on April 14, 2018, here is what is most important:

What’s Important #1, SHOW UP: Whether the boy be 16 or 47, today they GET to play baseball.  They will put on those pinstripes, grab their gloves and play the game they love. They will cheer for each other and be a part of the ultimate team sport. They will SHOW UP for each other and I will be there to cheer for them.

What’s Important #2, people, my people:  I’ve only told a few people that I am starting this new adventure.  That I’m going outside of my comfort zone, learning something new, making mistakes and trying to be a part of something bigger than myself.  My people all called or texted this morning, just to find out when I would actually be pushing the publish button. So people…here goes.

What’s Important #3, God is in control:  Remember that crazy weather I was talking about?  I had beautiful plans with my man today. We haven’t had a Saturday since January 6th, so I had planned an amazing weekend filled with his favorite things.  I was going to let him sleep late, make him biscuits and gravy, and then be in the sun with him planting flowers. (Not sure if that last one would be on his list of favorites!)  We were going to have dinner at his favorite spot, go see a movie, and then cuddle by the fire pit.

But instead, I’m off to put on my favorite blue and gold shirt, sweatpants, coat, scarf, gloves and head to the field to cheer for my man and an amazing group of boys.


I will cheer from behind a fence down the left field line and then pick up Whataburger to eat at 10 pm. 

May flowers will bloom in May.  Hopefully, it will be warmer!

April Rose

I’ll see you at the ball field.  Go be AMAZING!!