Chocolate Chip Cookies

Or affectionally known as OH MY YUMMY GOODNESS.  I love to make cookies.  All types of cookies; oatmeal, peanut butter, snickerdoodles, and the beloved chocolate chip.

When someone has a birthday…I make cookies.

When you are having a baby…I make cookies.

When it’s Christmas, Thanksgiving, Flag Day.  Yes, I made cookies for Flag day last year. Yay Summer MOM!

I’ve never given anyone my chocolate chip cookie recipe though.  Actually, no one has ever asked.  Probably because I always say, “Oh, I will just make them.”

So May 1, 2018, I’m sharing my favorite cookie recipe with you.  Enjoy!!

Chocolatechipcookies1Grab Crisco baking sticks and sugar.  Imperial is the best brand for baking.  (Well, that is my opinion!)

Chocolatechipcookies4Then here is the secret to amazing fluffy cookies.  Beat your sugar, Crisco stick and water on high until it looks whipped. About 2 minutes will do the trick.

Chocolatechipcookies5In goes the brown sugar.  Mix this until it’s well blended.  No need to fluff brown sugar.

Chocolatechipcookies6Add your eggs. Mix it up.

Chocolatechipcookies8Then add the salt, soda, and cinnamon.  And if you have fresh cinnamon from your trip to St. Lucia for your 25th wedding anniversary, well, you should definitely use it in your cookies.  🙂

Chocolatechipcookies9Here is how I add vanilla.  No measuring, just pouring in the amazing stuff.

Chocolatechipcookies10Now I don’t consider myself a chocolate chip snob, but…if you want OH MY YUMMY GOODNESS cookies then you must use Toll House MILK Chocolate chip morsels. Grab the big bag for this recipe!

Chocolatechipcookies11Then I just mix them in with my mixer.  Not sure if that is proper or if the cookie god’s think that is okay, but I do it because it is easier.

Chocolatechipcookies12Plop them by spoonfuls onto your greased cookie sheet.  350 degrees for 10 minutes

Chocolatechipcookies13Then scoop out a spoonful to enjoy yourself.  I know you aren’t supposed to eat raw cookie dough but I just can’t stop myself.

Chocolatechipcookies14And here are the beauties.  Take them off the pan and put on wax paper to cool.  Now at this point, they are fair game for anyone walking by so check the placement of the wax paper carefully.

Chocolatechipcookies15I usually make three dozen and then freeze the dough after that.  I really do this because I am full of cookie dough so if you aren’t eating as much as I do then you may be able to bake more cookies.  Wrap the dough in little dough logs and put in a large freezer bag.

Chocolatechipcookies17They are going to be amazing!!!  Go to the store now and get your cookie supplies.

1 Crisco baking stick

3 T water

1 cup white sugar

2 cup brown sugar

4 eggs

1 teaspoon salt

2 teaspoon soda

1 teaspoon cinnamon

2 teaspoon vanilla

4 1/2 cups flour

1 big bag milk chocolate chips

350 degree for 10 minutes

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