Beauty Tip: Broken Eye Shadow

When it comes to makeup, I am a minimalist.  Part of the reason I am a minimalist is that I really don’t care or have the time to learn how to apply makeup in a way that will make me look 10 pounds smaller, 10 years younger or like I have been sunkissed.

In the 80’s when I was learning to apply makeup, Momma took me over to see Rhelda at Merle Norman.  I remember three things from our little 30-minute makeover.  First, once you start using eyeliner, you can never go back. (It’s the makeup world’s version of crack, I think or at least she made it sound like that.) Second, lipgloss should be used every day even if you don’t wear lipstick.  Last and most importantly, wash your face every night before bed.

So when I need beauty tips I go straight to the experts, my daughters.  They have watched the videos, tried it all out and then wiped it all off so they can work on their skin care regiment.  Heck, the little one stood in front of the face wash for 32 minutes in Target last night while I checked out all the clearance aisles and still couldn’t decide which one to get.  What is wrong with the $6.99 bottle of Cetaphil?

But I learned a neat trick tonight from her.

You know when you drop your $5.49 palette of Loreal eyeshadow on the floor and it breaks into about a thousand little pieces? Yes, me too. Let’s just say 1000 piece puzzles have nothing on Loreal #56 cashmere and #58 caramel that have been dropped from 48 inches.

All is not lost though, my friends.  Here is her tip:

  1.  Grab all of the little pieces and put them back in their rightful place.broken eyeshadow 1
  2.  Take a spoon and break them up into a fine powder.eyeshadow 2
  3.  Pour a half of teaspoon of rubbing alcohol over the powder.eye shadow and alcohol
  4.  Pat down the powder/alcohol with the back of the spoon. eye shadow and alcohol 2
  5.  Let sit and dry.broken eyeshadow drying
  6.  Use as normal

Woo hoo!!  She saved me $6 dollars tonight.  It works too!

Bringing Flowers Inside

I like to buy myself flowers every once in awhile.  I also love having flowers in my yard. But in our Texas heat, I get to enjoy my flowers in my yard for about 3.5 hours every year.

flowerarrangement7So I like to cut a few and bring them inside to brighten up my space for at least four days.  But when I put them in a vase, they often look like this.  bad flowerarrangement.jpg

While still any flowers in a vase are better than no flowers in a vase, I learned a cool trick last week.

I can’t wait to show you.

First, find your favorite vase and some scotch tape.  I love this one with a rectangular opening.flowerarrangement2

Then take the tape and make strips across that are about an inch apart.flowerarrangement3

Then do the same thing going to opposite direction. (It’s June.  Why in the world would I start taking pictures out in the HEAT?!?!)flowerarrangement5

Now add water to your vase.  I always put enough water to fill about 2/3 of the vase.flowerarrangement8

Then start with flowers with the biggest blooms.  flowerarrangement6So my beautiful hydrangeas will go first. Start by pulling the bottom leaves from the stems.flowerarrangement9

I try to keep whatever is in the water, leaf-free.  Leaves seem to muck up your water faster.flowerarrangement14

Add the biggest blooms to the little squares on the outer edge. I added two hydrangeas, one on each side.flowerarrangement13

Then I  start adding the other flowers into the middle squares.  The remaining outside squares are filled with greenery.  (I just cut some of my dusty miller, asparagus fern and an unknown little white flower I have growing in my yard.)


And there you have it.  All of your little sweeties will be standing tall and will stay in their spot.  flowerarrangement11

Okay, you can do this.  I know you can!!

Flowers do make me happy!!

Go be amazing!