Picking the Perfect Ear of Corn

Nothing brings me more joy than getting a bargain. Well, my children, and my man, and my family, …okay let me try again.

Few things bring me more joy than getting a bargain.  Tonight at the store, there was a bargain staring me right in the face.


That’s practically giving corn away.

Let’s see $1 divided by 6 is less than .17 cents each.  Yes, I do believe I will be buying some cheap, fresh corn.

So I started pickin’ and thinkin’.

How does one pick a good ear of corn?

Here’s what a few experts and my daddy say about picking corn:

  1. First look at the tassle:  You know that hairy part that is sticking out of the top.  It needs to be brown and sticky to the touch.  If it’s still green, it is not mature. tassle
  2. Now, look at the husk: If it has tiny holes in the top, worms have loved on the veggie.  Unless you like worms, steer clear of this ear.
  3. Peel the husk back a little, take your thumb and press on a kernel until it burst.  If it has moisture, woohoo.  If it is hard, it’s been baking in the sun too long or the rains were few and far between during the growing season.
  4. Because pulling back the husk may get you some dirty looks in the market, feel the kernels through the husk. You want to make sure that they’re plump and plentiful; if you can feel holes where kernels should be, then choose another.


    Those are my Daddy’s hands in the background.  

  5. Check out the color of the husk. If it’s a bright green and tightly wrapped against the cob, then the corn is fresh.  The corn inside will be a bright “corn” yellow, but if the husk has been pulled back (because someone wasn’t following my “pick your corn” etiquette) the outside air will cause the corn to be sad and shriveled and no one or nothing wants to be described as sad and shriveled.
  6. Mature vs. Immature:  My daddy talked A LOT about mature and immature corn. I let him go on and on because, well,  I’ll let you in on a little secret, I love to hear my daddy talk! So mature corn is better than immature corn and that is all I really got from that part of the conversation.  hee hee

corn huskOf course, the easiest way to choose an ear of corn is to take a peek: to peel down the husk and check for bright, plump kernels. Apparently, my fellow Kroger shoppers frown upon this technique though.

When you have your 6 beauties, go over to the seasonal area and grab you a few of these because let’s face it, they make eating corn way more fun.

corn holdersGo get yourself some bargain corn!! You only have 4 days!!


Picking the Perfect Watermelon

Many people have no idea how to pick the perfect watermelon.

My daddy thumps.

My aunt smells.

But my niece, she has the secrets.  She’s actually thinking if this teaching thing doesn’t work out, she is going to become a professional watermelon picker.


So tips from a professional watermelon picker and a 2nd-grade teacher:


  1.  Look for a webbed end:  The end of the watermelon is where the flower started. This means that the bees were loving on the flowery part.  The more bees, the more webbing and the sweeter the melon.  A little loving makes everything better.yellow end
  2. Look for yellow or orange on the bottom:  This is where the watermelon sat in the field and soaked up the sun.  So the more yellow or orange at the bottom, the more time the farmer let it stay on the vine.  Good things come to those who wait.IMG_6299
  3. Size matters:  Just like Goldilocks, you need to pick a watermelon that is “juuusssttt right”.  Not too big and not too small.  male and female
  4. Who knew there were “boy” and “girl” watermelons?  Watermelon farmers do. Erian does.  So an elonged watermelon is a male type.   They have extra juice inside. Female watermelons are rounder in shape and are sweeter.  Well, that makes sense.tail
  5. The Tail:  (here’s one I really don’t know how to put eloquently)  If it has a tail, it should be brown and crusty.  A green tail, the little guy got picked too early.     Umbilical cord jokes anyone.  IMG_6303
  6. Watermelons are best eaten with family and friends.  This advice never fails.


So when you have more than three watermelons to choose from, use her advice.


Looking forward to summer fun.  Only one more week!

Let’s go be amazing!!