Quarantine Mom Change # 1

Change has hit us all very quickly and without much notice in the last few days. At first, my time was consumed with thoughts of staying at home with my family, taking care of my parents’ needs, food, and toilet paper.

Sunday we decided to take ‘at home learning’ to a new level.  We would set up workspaces, locate our headphones, arrange a schedule where each of us could have class and team meetings and not infringe on the others that were trying to navigate this new adventure we were on.

We were ready.

Alarms were set.

Monday arrived and we jumped right into a new platform for teaching and learning.  My first meeting started at 8 o’clock.  Teeth brushed. Coffee made. Hair combed and sprayed. Breakfast was on the table. I had my pencils laid out, my sticky notes were ready and my calendar turned to the correct day.


The meeting was full of “niceties” and how are you doings. We discussed the needs of kids, shared information and ended two hours later with a ‘see you here on ZOOM tomorrow’.

I, then,  did what many educators did on Monday.  I sat at my computer in meetings, answered emails, placed phone calls to parents and kids, planned and tried to make sure my own child had what she needed to start learning online.


At the end of the day, I had a weird feeling in my chest. (I, like many of you have been suffering from some anxiety during the last few days.  The unknowing is not my favorite place to be.)

I didn’t want anyone to worry so I went to the bathroom to see if possibly I might have a bruise, knot or some other superficial mark.


By this time it was 6:00 PM.  Time for dinner making, a walk, and a game.

Side Note:  ‘Quarantined Mom’ is awesome.  She makes dinner EVERY night and it doesn’t come out of a box! It includes a protein, usually a fresh vegetable or two and a dessert.

A walk, showers, American Idol and then a game.

As I sat down at the table for our game, I realized the pain in my chest was not caused by fear, or anxiety or a knot.


Apparently, I had been sitting, currently and in meetings ALL day,  with shoulders slouched, back curved and my elbows, along with two other pieces of my anatomy, propped up on the tabletop in front of my computer!


So ‘Quarantined Mom’ made change number one:  Undergarments and correct posture will need to be considered every day from here on out!

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