Some Days are Mediocre, but Not Today

“I’m just mediocre.”  I overheard her say. “Yes, I’m good at a few things but not great at anything.”  


I’m supposed to do something that would change her mind.  

I’m supposed to help her find her greatness.

I’m her mother for goodness sake.  

And then the tv flashed news of the college entrance scandal.  Parents doing whatever it took to make the world see their child as something other than mediocre.  

At that point, I realized it’s okay to be average some days.  Average is nothing to be ashamed of. Average is what the world makes all decisions about.  Heck, they spend thousands of dollars every year doing a census to find out what our country’s averages are. Related image

And then she did something not average.  

She went and planned a week for her peers and the students at my school.  

A whole week of spreading ‘niceness’.  Image result for a week to spread good vibes

A whole week of being anything but mediocre. 

DUDE. be nice Week was born.  A time to change the routines of our lives and focus on devoting ourselves to spreading ‘niceness’ in our schools and communities.  

Too often school programs designed for positive change focus on ‘ANTI’ something-

But not this week.

This week was all about being  ‘FOR’ nice.

Image result for for

So my girl started planning.

She planned for us to have conversations about what ‘being nice’ truly meant, activities that promoted niceness and ultimately provided an opportunity for her peers and 10 and 11-year-olds to take a lead in their school and community.  

Not mediocre.

Each day we focused on a different area of ‘niceness’.  

Dude. be nice

Dude. be kind

Dude. be thankful  

Dude. be grateful


Dude. Be willing

We wrote notes of gratitude, said something nice, learned a new name, appreciated those around us, and sat by someone new at lunch.  

Not your average week at school.

So today sweet girl, I’ll let you say you are average, mediocre, common, ordinary, everyday adequate.  

Because some days you are EXTRAORDINARY!


2 thoughts on “Some Days are Mediocre, but Not Today

  1. I absolutely LOVED your Dude be…week! Now I love it even more! Nothing ordinary about that at all! She needs to package it and offer it to schools everywhere!


  2. I was stunned, mad, confused when the college scandal hit the news. I’ve taught many kids in my 68 years of life and I can honestly say I’ve never had a mediocre child. Every child has gifts to their family, friends, and communities. I found it very sad these parents felt like their child was mediocre. Allyson you said it so well in your blog how our sons and daughters are not mediocre. I know our communities will survive and thrive because your daughter will be there sharing her gifts.


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