A Little Word about Grace

I like to make people smile with a good story.   I’m pretty good at leading a group in an activity.  

But if you really know me,

Like really know me…

you know I am a “let-me-show-you-with-my-actions” kind of girl.

So if I was given 15 minutes of your day, I would love to show a part of me that I am the proudest of…the part that extends grace.

Webster’s describes grace as unmerited divine assistance given to humans for their regeneration or sanctification.

I describe grace as “showing kindness to all.”

I’ve wondered all my life, when I’ve heard the phrase, “Thank you for showing me grace.” what that really means. Could grace be something small, something itty bitty, or something that doesn’t require much from me other than a small favor?  Could this really be grace? You see, grace is often a word we throw around but struggle to define. We celebrate and extol it, but I also think we misunderstand it—especially when it comes to giving grace to others.

Seeing another teacher’s house after the first three weeks of a  school year…that’s extending grace.  Understanding that you are stressed to the maximum with three projects and you didn’t remember it was your best friend’s, dog’s birthday…extending grace.  Taking time to listen to a viewpoint that is totally against your core values, and frankly, is pretty rude and not judging them tomorrow…grace.

Kids ages 10-25 years old are lucky.  That generation is known for being accepting of others differences, a character trait of most people that age that I love, but extending grace to others is hard work and takes practice.  

Showing others kindness and love, no matter our differences and not expecting anything in return, takes even more practice.  

So we should practice it with the ones we love. We should practice it with strangers on the street and we should practice it with our children.

Hi, My name is Allyson and I am practicing grace.


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