What did you do this weekend?


You know that Monday morning question?  The one that comes every.Monday.morning without fail? The one that no one really wants to know the answer to but feels obliged to ask?


A 5.6 second conversation that goes something like this:

“Good Morning”

“Good Morning”

“How was your weekend?”



“What did you do?”

And you answer, “Awe, nothing much.”

What I did over the weekend, well, really, who cares.  It’s over.  It’s in the past and probably doesn’t amount to a hill of beans in most people’s eyes.  Really, when someone presents me with that question, I start to panic and think really hard about what part of my weekend they would have liked. Not my favorite part.  Not my best moment or the thing I enjoyed the most. But instead, how my weekend would compare to their’s or the next person they ask?

Would they care that I went to Target with no list and bought 8 items I didn’t need?


Would they care that I cried for the thousandth time about my “new normal” with a child away at college?

Nope. Too Sad

Would they like to know I sat with an 8 year old, told her how awesome her mommy was when she was in my second grade class 26 years ago and that I hoped she liked to read as much as her mommy did?

Nope. Too long to share.

So this morning when asked what I did over the weekend, I just said, “Awe, nothing much.” .

And then made a promise to myself that I would never ask people, adults or children, that question again.



Instead, I’m going to ask something like;

How did you show kindness to others this weekend?

Who did you make smile this weekend?

Who did you help this weekend?

What did you do for someone else?

Here’s what I found out by asking the RIGHT question:

“Aunt Jenny was so surprised when we showed up at her door with a birthday cake.”

“The man mowing my yard smiled when I got him a bottle of water.”

“My dog has been sick but we bought him a new bed and I think he smiled.”

“I needed a night with my oldest child, alone, just me and him. We had fun.”


And I smiled…and said to myself, “Awe, that sounds a lot like my ‘nothing much’.”  images.jpg

Love ya!!  Allyson



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