Dog Days of Summer

Y’all…it’s hot here in Texas.  Hell hot!

So hot that you can’t go swimming unless you wear shoes all the way to the point of entry or you lose a layer of epidermis from the bottom of your feet.  crocs in pool.jpg

So hot that the squirrels are even trying to find a cool spot to lay station squirrel

So hot that no one in Texas will wear gray because of the embarrassing sweat marks on your back, stomach, and pits, oh my.

We are in the “dog days” of summer. dog days.jpg 

What exactly does that mean?  I asked a few random people walking down the street in good ole McKinney, Texas.  Answer number 1: I always thought it meant that even dogs were too hot to move. Answer number 2: Dog days are when everyone sits around like a dog with their tongue hanging out.   Answer number 3: It has something to do with a star in the sky I think. Answer number 4: It’s a time when only “mad dogs” come out during the heat or people asking crazy questions on the street. (I think this last answer had to do with me, just thinking.)

The phrase “Dog Days” according to The Old Farmer’s Almanac is the 40 days beginning July 3 and ending August 11, coinciding with the rising of the Dog Star, Sirius.  (Today, July 3rd, 2018, marks the day that I now know why the Sirius radio mascot is a dog! Good job Farmer’s Almanac!)Dog Star.jpg

The rising of Sirius does not affect the weather like some of the ancient Egyptians thought.  But it did bring about a natural phenomenon that they looked forward to each year, the flooding of the River Nile.  The star was a “watchdog”, hee hee, for that event.

The Greeks and Romans thought these days brought about a fever or even worse, madmen.  

Now, I don’t mind being hot or sweaty.  But as a mother, ugh, I see why the Greeks and Romans got a little cranky. Why are kids attracted to sweaty mommies?  Is it a scent we send out? Do the children think we look cooler and they should lay all over us? Do children instantly want to sit in our laps more? Be held? Need to lean on us more? ICK!  

And, my man, I really do feel sorry for him.  The thought of laying close to him, or hugging, or being squeezed up tight while we are waiting in line for ice cream…NOPE.  No wonder the Greeks and Romans became MAD. They needed loving Y’all.

Hoping you enjoy your first day of the “Dog Days” in the shade with an ice cold sweet tea! 



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