We were winning today!

Y’all,  I’m done.

I’ve been testing for three days.

I’ve been encouraging, energetic, and engaging.

I’ve monitored, mapped and made sure directions were read.

I’ve watched, waited, and walked.

I’ve said things like, “You can do this.”  “I’m proud of you.”  “I can’t answer that. Do the best you can do.”

testing in progress

Today alone, I watched two of my friends practically do headstands in their chairs.  One friend who sat on the floor the whole time. And another that by 8:34 had eaten his lunch and three snacks that his mom had packed.

But we were winning!!

887a4083153b0cfcc031ab211954e7eeNo one cried today.

No one threw up on their test today.

No one said after the first two questions, “Mrs. Price, I don’t think we learned this stuff this year.”

So, yes, we were winning!


Someone smiled.

Someone held the door open for a stranger.

Someone shared their lunch.

Someone said, “This is so easy.”

Someone laughed at a part of a passage.

Someone asked a boy if he was okay.

Someone gave me a high five.

Someone said they were sorry.

Someone asked if we could gather books for a school in India.

Someone even thanked me for giving them the test.


So we won today kids and I’m so glad these three days are over.

PS:  I would like to talk to a few people in Austin about this testing idea and how it is not working.  It’s not making education better.   It’s not growing leaders or teaching children of all races how to get along or how to be involved in something bigger than yourself.  

Which I know is the most important work I do!


Testing…We out!

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