Happy Mother’s Day

Why would this post be the hardest?  

She’s my momma.  

She’s my man’s momma.


It should be easy to say what they mean to me.

But it’s not.

One gave me life and the other the love of my life.

So I reached out to my siblings and my man’s brothers to tell you exactly what I couldn’t.


My Momma first…

Here’s what she taught us.

*Work hard

*Laugh harder

*Pray the hardest

*Always clean up the kitchen even if you didn’t make the mess.

*Line up barn poles.

*Do things right the first time so you don’t have to do them again (see above).

*Always be willing to extend a helping hand.

*Feed people.

*Always tell people you love them.

*Enjoy the simple things in life.

*Go to games of your children and grandchildren and always carry a snack bag.

*Laugh at yourself and don’t take life too seriously.

*Never take anything for granted.

*Give hugs when greeting and departing, no matter how long it has been since you’ve seen the person.

*When painting, get a little on you.

*Love your spouse.

*Not everyone needs to be your friend.

*Show up.

*Cheer the loudest in public.

*Correct in private.

*And most important lesson, Jesus died for us so we should live for Him!


Yes,  all four of us think she is pretty awesome!!


(Just a warning, my man and his brothers are very passionate men and aren’t scared to say what they feel.  They also would love one more day with their momma.)

My Man’s Momma…

She raised three amazing men and she taught them:

*Always put others before yourself.

*Save a little for yourself.

*Learn to make dumplings.

*Buying things for other people can bring you both joy.

*The mall doesn’t close until 10 pm and you should be there when it does.

*Go to sporting events and then go to the next one, and the next one.

*Nothing is given to you.

*Earn everything.

*Sing and Dance like nobody’s watching.

*Take care of people that can’t take care of themselves.

*Be “selfless” and always put others before yourself.

*Say “please and thank you”.

*Respect your elders.

*Nurturing can come in the form of a hug or a simple “NO”.

*Protect your family and provide for them.

Just a note from my man:

For those that still have your Mother, take a moment to thank God and cherish every minute that you have to share with her.  While we miss and think of her every day, we know she “lives” in us. We see her when we look in the mirror and hear her when we speak.  

I know she is so proud of each of them, and yes, she was pretty amazing too.  

Love on your Mommas today everybody.

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