Girls, Find Yourself a Good Hairstylist

Not going to lie,

Everything on my body is starting to look like it’s been around for 48 years.

My eyes have bags,

My face has spots,

My boobs, well, they are headed south.

My arms have bumps,

My chin has hair,

And my butt – it has dimples, lots and lots of dimples.

But y’all, when everything is in a different place and 10 pounds heavier than it was 15 years ago,

My hair still looks GREAT!!


It flips.

It curls.

It is a beautiful shade of blond.


I have to keep people looking up.

I have to keep you wondering how it does that.

I have to make you ask where I get it done.


Please don’t look down at my feet, look up at my cute hair.

Please don’t check out my legs, look up at my cute hair.

Hey you, don’t even think about looking my waistline, look at my cute hair.


Find yourself a good hairstylist, girls.  

Spend money on your hair.

Spend time with someone who does hair for a living.  

Go in and say,

“Is this hairstyle still popular?”

“What would you do with this mess?”

“Am I too old to wear my hair this color?”

And then listen to them.


I found a good one.

Jess keeps people looking up and asking questions.

She tells me the truth.

She colors, cuts and asks me about my day.

(She even lets me use the hairspray.)


Thank goodness for Jess, Her Royal Highness of Hair Styling.

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