Teacher Appreciation: This one goes out to MY Teachers

This one goes out to my teachers. You shaped me into the person I am today.    You shaped me into the teacher I am today.  You are the reason this week exist.   



Mrs. Carr:  Kindergarten:  You are the reason I wanted to be a Kindergarten teacher.  You showed me the importance of waiting my turn, sticking together and naps in the afternoon are always a good idea.  You helped me fall in love with school, books and the sound of poetry.





Mrs. Rolen:  1st Grade:  You spent countless hours with me teaching me to read.  You never let me give up on myself. You didn’t know at the time that I was dyslexic but you taught me all the strategies I needed to be a good reader and writer.  I had the chicken pox at Christmas time that year.  You took time to come over to my house to bring me my gift from you.  We still put the ornament on my parent’s Christmas tree each year.  



Mrs. James: 2nd Grade:  You had a magical way of making each child feel special.  I will never forget when one of my classmates brought in glow in the dark crayons. You let us all color with them and then turned off all of the lights. The next day, all of our pictures were hanging in your supply closet.   You also had a laugh that shook the walls.  I still smile when I think about it.




Shall-Remain-Nameless: 3rd Grade:  You taught me everything I didn’t want to be as a teacher.  I actually think you hated kids and teaching. You made me feel stupid because I couldn’t read as fast or as well as the others. You also didn’t know I was dyslexic and you gave up on me.  I don’t remember anything from this year besides the fact that I hated school. In hindsight, I now know why my mom volunteered in your classroom so much…she was trying to protect me from you.  Because of you, I never forget that a teacher has a choice to make a positive or negative impact.



Mrs. Lowe:  4th Grade:  You saved me.  You made me think I could do anything.  You turned learning into something fun. You always had time for me and I believe you started the differentiated learning model.  You found a way to teach each child individually.  You made me the lead in the play. You made me enter the spelling bee. You gave me hope and you are the reason I am able to teach others to read today.  




Mrs. Hendricks: 5th Grade:  You are the reason that I love to read out loud to kids.  You spent every day after lunch reading to us. Where the Red Fern Grows and Old Yeller   You taught me to love a good story.  You always brought in the government issued peanuts (I guess our school was poor…who knew?) Gave everyone a few and read to us.  You cried and we cried. You laughed and we laughed. You read so we read.




Mrs. Saucier:  6th Grade:  You are the reason I can still recite from memory the poem of Little Orphan Annie.  You also made me realize I love poetry and words.  You also are the reason so many of my kids had to memorize poems, pick parts in plays and listen to me read while I sat on a stool.  You made me realize words can free you and that is a wonderful thing.



Mrs. Bona:  6th Grade-8th Grade:  You are the reason I always say “mathematics”.  Not math or arithmetic. Mathematics. And my kids love that I call numbers that.  You taught me to question myself and others. You made me realize that working out all of the steps to a problem, was necessary sometimes.  You also are the reason I LOVE a sharp pencil. Like really…sharp pencils make me HAPPY!  (You are the real MVP for not making fun of the way I looked. JEEEZZ)



img_6750.jpgMr. and Mrs. Mattei, Mr. Snyder, Mr. and Mrs. Holbrook:  You gave me the love of music. You didn’t judge me because I didn’t practice as much as the person next to me.  You always found a way to push me but knew that I had a hundred other things in which I was involved. You made marching on Monday nights fun. But most of all, you wonderful people, taught me that precision was important and that you should always show up and do your best because a hundred other people were depending on you.  


Mr. B:  9-12 math:  You taught me that if you love a bunch of kiddos, you should move up with them every year.  (HeeHee) You taught me to check it and check it again. You helped me see the power of working with others and pushed us to excellence. You laughed with us and cried with us.  You also made me see the possibility of a train leaving Chicago and a train leaving Nashville actually colliding. I’m still trying to solve this one. 🙂


Coach Marquart:  basketball and volleyball – You showed me the value of hard work.  You are the reason when I am meeting a group of new students, need to present at a meeting, or when we are having a STAAR test, I wear high heel shoes! You always said, “Look Good, Feel Good, Do Good!”  And even today, it works.



Coach Jones:  History  – You taught me to have fun.  To laugh. To sing. To go to my student’s activities.  You are the reason I hug kids. You always made us feel like we were your favorite student.  Of course, I think I was but I won’t tell the others.


Mr. Hendricks:  You are responsible for my wonderful driving, my love of baseball and my husband. (thank you so much) You had me drive you to every game and taught me how to keep books.  You taught me how to act when I won and what to do when I lost. You listened to me talk but most of all you taught me when to stay quiet.

Mr. Fagala and Mr. Smith:  You two guys let a small little girl enjoy her time in the AG shop.  You wouldn’t let me be intimidated by a bunch of boys and taught me how to weld, milk a cow and take care of an animal.  You showed me that I could be the FFA sweetheart but also the top of my class when laying down a bead on metal. (Sorry John)





Mrs. Smith:  English and Volleyball – You, you sweet lady are the reason I teach.  The reason I build relationships with kids. The reason I write today to say thank you.  You checked on me, took me to dinner and prayed for me.  You treated each of us like family and made decisions that were best for us, even if they weren’t popular and told us why.  Every day when I walked out of your room, I knew you loved me.  It’s the feeling I try to give children every day.

Thank you seems so simple. But Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I love all of you.  


P.S.:  I would love to take all of you out to dinner but you guys know what I make.  haha


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