Teacher Appreciation: Thank you from a College Freshman

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week at my school this week.  It is a week of smiles, notes, flowers out of gardens, sweets and Starbucks gift cards. Teachers everywhere will accept gifts with happy hearts and make the giver feel that it was the best gift they’ve been given in years.  Words sometimes are the best gifts of all so…

Post #1 comes from my college freshman:  


Yes, I know, I know.  My generation is not known for sitting around talking about how great our teachers have been to us.  Heck, we don’t sit around much and even talk. I also know that the gift card to Starbucks my mom made me give to you, really doesn’t let you know how much I care.  But, I’m getting to write the first post of the week so here is my way of saying Thank you for 13 years of loving me.

  1.  My teachers had a big hand in raising me. You provided a second environment in which I had to practice respect, obedience, teamwork, and diligence. You held me to high standards, insisted on kindness and respect and sometimes told me, “This work is not your best. I will see you at recess.” I learned from you that doing it right the first time is a lot easier. And when I struggled, you pulled up a seat next to me and helped me. You didn’t look down on me or blame my parents for my shortcomings…you helped ME. 

  2. My teachers saw the good in me. Even when I was down and out, you found a way to pick me up and make me feel I could do anything. You didn’t give up on me and didn’t allow me to give up on myself. You modeled that in your teaching. You kept trying! Even when a lesson didn’t go the way you thought it should, you kept teaching.  (and we really didn’t notice either.)

  3. My teachers had a hard job. Yes, I’m the daughter of two school teachers. Yes, I know the countless hours you spend trying to make each lesson meaningful and FUN. But I also know the time you think about the one student that didn’t make it to school that day. I know you were trying to extend the thinking of some while trying not to kill the creativity in others.

  4.  My teachers had to be tired. Yep, you coached, lead, sponsored, and directed. You come early and stayed late for the students that couldn’t get it, didn’t finish it, needed your one-on-one time. You wore bandanas on field day, dressed in costumes for Red Ribbon Week and attended weekend volleyball and football matches. You danced in front of us and you didn’t mind that we were watching.

  5.  Your life matters and your legacy will go on. You are sending out the thinkers, innovators, life coaches, and leaders of tomorrow. So please remember, when you are grading papers at 10:30 at night, pinning that awesome idea on Pinterest, jumping out of bed to write that kid a note, we see you, we appreciate you…heck, we freaking love you.

  6.  Even when you teach Freshman in college, the smiley face and encouraging words matter. Really, this is my college calculus teacher.  Even though I am 19, she makes me feel like I can do it.  Like many of my teachers, she gives me feedback and encouragement.  Thank you for continuing to push me, smiling at me and telling me I am excellent.  

I noticed all you did for me.  My classmates noticed all you did for them.  And we thank you for everything!



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