The Lov-ing room

liv·ing room
*a room in a house for general and informal everyday use where people sit or relax together but do not usually eat or sleep
Our living room was offended by this definition.
living room 1
First off, it doesn’t like being called just “a” room.  It would prefer the best room, the stay-and-don’t-ever-want-to-leave room, or the most important chamber of the house room.
living room 3

Second, we had to let it know that just because it says general doesn’t mean it is normal or usual.  General can also mean chief  or principal.

alcove 1

Third, our living room laughed out loud when it heard the  “sit or relax” part.  Yes, we do sit and relax but we also have been known to dance, sing, reenact, tell stories, and a few games of volleyball may or may not have been played here.

living room 4

Finally the last three words had our living room rolling her eyes.  Really?  Eating and sleeping sometimes happen at the same time here.

gallery wall

So here is the new definition that was okay’d by the room we now affectionately call the “loving room”.


lov·ing room


*an amazing room in a home for the chief purpose of allowing its occupants to be whatever they would like while sitting, standing, jumping, dancing, eating, sleeping and most of all loving.

We do love you sweet room.

You are amazing!!



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