April Showers, May Flowers and 40 MPH winds

Earth Laughs in Flowers

Today is Flower Day.  Flower Day is one of my favorite days of the year.  

It’s the day I get up early,  run to up to the baseball field for flower delivery, pick out my beautiful, colorful sweeties, hustle back home, grab my gloves and shovel  and get to enjoy

the beautiful sun

and dirt under my nails

and the smell of outside

and flowers blooming

and …Nope, not today.


You see, in our family, the weather changes EVERYTHING.


It’s 35 degrees today.  The wind is gusting 30-60 MPH.  We had an inch and half of rain yesterday in 45 minutes. So games have been rescheduled and plans have been changed.

No flowers will be planted today. (Heck, I have them in the house next to the fire place.)  

flowers by fireplace

For 26 years, I’ve cheered for my favorite team.

Rain, sleet, snow, 104 temperatures, 40 MPH wind…I’ve been there.  

I’ve watched some years with the hope that it would never end and then others, well, I wish would just quietly ride off into the sunset, never to be seen again.   

Just like those flowers blooming next to my fireplace, this season has struggled to make it out of the cold some weeks.  Some weeks everything has fallen into place. Others, well, let’s just say the sounds of the circus have floated around in my head.  

But it’s funny how a flat of flowers can remind you of what is important.


So today, on April 14, 2018, here is what is most important:

What’s Important #1, SHOW UP: Whether the boy be 16 or 47, today they GET to play baseball.  They will put on those pinstripes, grab their gloves and play the game they love. They will cheer for each other and be a part of the ultimate team sport. They will SHOW UP for each other and I will be there to cheer for them.

What’s Important #2, people, my people:  I’ve only told a few people that I am starting this new adventure.  That I’m going outside of my comfort zone, learning something new, making mistakes and trying to be a part of something bigger than myself.  My people all called or texted this morning, just to find out when I would actually be pushing the publish button. So people…here goes.

What’s Important #3, God is in control:  Remember that crazy weather I was talking about?  I had beautiful plans with my man today. We haven’t had a Saturday since January 6th, so I had planned an amazing weekend filled with his favorite things.  I was going to let him sleep late, make him biscuits and gravy, and then be in the sun with him planting flowers. (Not sure if that last one would be on his list of favorites!)  We were going to have dinner at his favorite spot, go see a movie, and then cuddle by the fire pit.

But instead, I’m off to put on my favorite blue and gold shirt, sweatpants, coat, scarf, gloves and head to the field to cheer for my man and an amazing group of boys.


I will cheer from behind a fence down the left field line and then pick up Whataburger to eat at 10 pm. 

May flowers will bloom in May.  Hopefully, it will be warmer!

April Rose

I’ll see you at the ball field.  Go be AMAZING!!


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